We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, openness and accountability in the conduct of our business and operations. We aspire to perform our affairs in an ethical, responsible and transparent manner. Recognising this commitment, we provide an avenue for all employees, stakeholders and members of the public to report any violation of the MIMOS Code of Ethics and/or to disclose any known or reasonably suspected improper conduct within MIMOS.

Why was the Ethics and Integrity Department established?

We are moving towards institutionalising ethics in the commission. The Ethics and Integrity Department, responsible for the management of integrity issues, is a key step towards fulfilling our commitment. By reporting unethical behaviours, you can help us to ensure our employees adhere to good work ethics and governance in our work environment, and subsequently help towards the elimination of corruption, fraud, dishonesty, criminal activities, breach of trust and other unethical behaviours. We are committed to act strictly against any party that commits any unlawful act that could tarnish the image of MIMOS.


To be the focal point for managing issues relating to ethics and integrity


To establish integrity values within MIMOS in line with work ethics and moral values


To strengthen the integrity culture within MIMOS through the implementation of existing rules and regulations


  1. Strengthening integrity – To ensure the acculturation, institutionalisation and integrity of the organisation
  2. Complaints management (whistleblowing) – To receive and take action on integrity-related complaints/feedback on criminal misconduct or breach of the MIMOS Code of Ethics
  3. Governance – To ensure good governance is embedded and observed in MIMOS
  4. Detection and confirmation – To detect and verify complaints of criminal misconduct and any violations of the MIMOS Code of Ethics.



    The objectives of this Whistleblowing Policy are as listed below:

    1. To provide an avenue for employees to disclose any acts of wrongdoing
    2. To assure employees that they will be protected from reprisal discrimination or victimisation for whistleblowing in good faith
    3. To provide a formal mechanism for action on all whistleblowing reports made; and
    4. To take necessary action of any matters of wrongdoing reported by other sources.



    Integrity Officer,

    MIMOS Berhad

    03-8855 5294


    Audit & Risk Management Committee, MIMOS Berhad


    Whistleblowers who lodge a complaint will not be protected under the MIMOS Whistleblower Policy unless the identity of the whistleblower has been confirmed to be genuine; the complaint is made in good faith and has no false or malicious intent; and the complaint is not disclosed to any other parties prior to submission of the report. Information submitted in the report shall be treated as highly confidential. Action will be taken on all complaints received.

    If you have any inquiries, please e-mail us at

    Operation hours: Monday – Friday, 08.30am – 05.30pm

  • What is Whistleblowing?

    The disclosure by Whistleblower; a person, either an employee of MIMOS or a member of the public to those in authority of mismanagement, corruption, illegal activities or any unethical behaviour.

    What is the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010?

    An Act to combat corruption and other wrongdoings by encouraging and facilitating disclosures of improper conduct in the public and private sector, to protect the individuals making those disclosures from detrimental action, to provide for the matters disclosed to be investigated and dealt with and to provide for other matters connected therewith.

    Where can I make report to?

    The complaint can be sent to the Ethics and Integrity Department via any channel including by telephone or email at (Integrity Officer, MIMOS Berhad) / (Chairman, Audit & Risk Management Committee, MIMOS Berhad)

    What I can report/make a complaint about?

    A report or complaint can be made about any unethical behaviour which should include but is not limited to the following: Fraud, Theft , Breach of trust Conflict of interest , Misuse of company’s property, Non-compliance to the MIMOS Code of Ethics, Bribery.

    Will my report remain confidential?

    MIMOS will take all reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality throughout the reporting process. Under the Whistle-blowers Protection Act 2010, anyone who participates in the ‘whistle-blowing’ exercise is given the assurance that he/she will not be at risk of any form of victimization, retribution or retaliation from his/her superiors or from any of the Management. However, deliberately providing false or misleading information will not be tolerated by MIMOS and may lead to litigation.

    Who is required to assist in the investigation for the disclosure?

    Whistleblower is expected to provide reasonable details regarding his/her disclosure.

    What happens to the disclosure I have made?

    The Ethics and Integrity Department will verify the information given. Upon verification and confirmation, the officer will present the findings to the relevant authorities who will decide the next course of action. If there is a case, they will channel the case to the respective party for further investigation. Otherwise, the process will end here.

    How will I know about the outcome of my disclosure?

    Complainants will be acknowledged and responded to within five (5) working days upon submission of the disclosure.

    Will anonymous reporting be entertained?

    Anonymous reporting will be taken into consideration however no response will be communicated.