Modern Policing


As Malaysia moves deeper into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, public safety and security become even more crucial in creating economic value through enhanced public perception and increased foreign investments. From conventional CCTVs, MIMOS is helping the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to move into Video Analytics, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics; and getting the various surveillance and communication functions connected.  


Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Technology for Lock-ups (SMART Lokap), developed MIMOS in collaboration with PDRM, was officially handed over to the police force one year after its launch in 2016.  The system has marked the first year milestone with an evident decline in in-cell incidents. With the system, the police could detect and prevent untoward incidents ahead as the system could analyse aggressive behaviours as they happen, which also means that some incidents could be detected even before they happen.

SMART Lokap aims at providing optimal productivity of detention centre operations; facilitating rapid response to incidents; increasing lock-up security – ensure safety of the detainees and police while protecting human rights. Ultimately, the system intends to ensure PDRM’s high integrity standards.

A total of 57 lock-ups have been installed with the system including one centralised lock-up in Shah Alam. Outcomes can be summarised as follows:

  1. Advanced video analytics – resulted in better distribution of manpower as workforce to man the control centre is reduced. In the past, one police personnel had to monitor 200 screens to spot an abnormal event. With automated event monitoring system, the productivity and effectiveness of the monitoring process was significantly improved. 
  2. Internet of Things – provided automated, real-time event detection full coverage of surveillance system within the lockup perimeter. This has resulted in a drop in tampering and vandalism cases, which in turn reduced the cost of maintenance and equipment replacement.
  3. Data analyticssignificantly helped in rapid and intelligent decision making.
  4. Video forensic search – helped in increasing the effectiveness of forensic investigation in the lock-up premises by providing event-based search capability, which helped reduce data retrieval time across multiple cameras, compared to using conventional CCTV.
  5. 3D Smart locator – helped improve security level of lockup premises by accurately locating event anomalies, providing situational awareness of the surrounding environment such as sudden crowd forming at a public area. The cameras record human traffic flow and vehicles entering and exiting from the premises for future reference.
  6. Enterprise secured cloud – ensured all communication were fast and secure.
  7. System security and integrity - ensured all data are of highest confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Impact for PDRM

At the first year milestone, the most remarkable impact of SMART Lokap is PDRM’s increased productivity i.e. more rapid response to incidents and more results with less personnel. There has also been increased effectiveness as depicted by the autonomous event monitoring using the 3D locator and alert function, as well as faster investigations using the video forensics search. 

Value for Government and citizen

Since its trial run and subsequent launch, SMART Lokap has brought about noticeable cost saving, mainly from reduced manpower, and reduced vandalism.  The system has also helped in enhancing the image of PDRM, and improving the perception of the police force as well as public safety among members of the public.