Third Quarter


3 July: MIMOS welcomes new CEO

Technology management specialist Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim clocks in for his first day of work as MIMOS Third President and CEO.



18 July: MIMOS and NCIA launch human capital development centre

MIMOS CEO Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim; Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah, and NCIA chief executive Redza Rafiq at the launching of MIMOS-NCIA Advanced Competency Development Centre in Bukit Jalil.



16 Aug: Click with Me

After a month taking office, newly-minted MIMOS CEO Ahmad Rizan Ibrahim invites MIMOSians to ‘click with him’ on the innovation journey. The inaugural ‘Click with Me’ session sees Rizan engaging with his new staff, who readily help him blend in with the MIMOS culture and his ‘new family’.