A strategic agency under
A strategic agency under MOSTI


Growth Platforms

At MIMOS, we are ever-committed to continuous personal and professional development of our diverse group of employees. When you choose MIMOS, you are supported by our unique competency development programmes to help enhance your capabilities, knowledge and expertise. Our objective has always been to offer ample opportunities for learning and growth to all MIMOSians, across departments and verticals.

Some of our strategic talent development and retention initiatives include:

1. M*STAR – Introduced in 2007, M*STAR or the MIMOS Strategic Training, Advancement and Recognition programme allows our employees to convert their work experience with MIMOS into academic credits to pursue postgraduate or professional qualifications or to achieve patent recognition in line with the patent reward scheme. Employees can also gain financial support to pursue higher education, and nominate themselves for advanced proficiency certification programmes based on their job requirements. To know more, click here.

2.  SL1M – MIMOS AcT  (MIMOS Accelerated Talent Programme) –  This programme is designed in support of the government’s “1Malaysia Training Scheme”  (SL1M) initiative and is aimed at increasing fresh graduates’ employability as well as to curb unemployment among graduates after six months of graduation. To know more, click here.

3. CODE8 – (Centre of Domain Expertise Acceleration in ICT) – Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education in 2009, CODE8 is a special apprenticeship programme aimed to mentor and coach fresh local and foreign graduates in a practical industry environment. It includes a sponsorship and industrial attachment programme aimed at seeding talents for MIMOS in its areas of R&D. To know more, click here.

4. Internship for Degree, Master & PhD Students
Our Internship Programme is established with the main objective to create a platform for students to be trained in ICT fields and other relevant technologies to MIMOS. Each student is given an individually tailored Training Plan and will be involved in one of our internal projects in order to provide the student with hands-on learning experience.

To apply for Internship Programme, email us at talent.seeding@mimos.my.


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