A strategic agency under
A strategic agency under MOSTI



M*STAR or MIMOS Strategic Training, Advancement and Recognition programme aims to:

  • Promote a continuous learning culture among the employee of MIMOS
  • Enhance employee’s skills and knowledge
  • Extend financial assistance

M*STAR consists of four elements:

1.  Professional Qualification
Employees will be sent for training with a professional body, based on Domain Competency.

2.  Proficiency Certification
Based of project needs and purposes, employees are to attend specific courses (e.g. Six Sigma, P-CMM, CMMi) to develop their knowledge and skills.

3.  Personal Competency Development
Relates to Intellectual Properties (IP) that will be rewarded accordingly for commercialised IPs.

4.  Education Programme
Employees are encouraged to pursue higher education at Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, or Doctoral level, with specific universities that have established MoUs with MIMOS, under full scholarship. Upon completion, the employee will be bonded to work with MIMOS.


Employee eligibility criteria:

  • Confirmed employee
  • Good performance appraisal record
  • Field of study must be recognised by MIMOS.

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