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Commercial Applications

VADS Cloud Services

To substantiate its expertise in offering Data Centre  and Warehousing Facilities including network, security, connectivity, facility, location, tele-housing, managed services etc.; VADS Berhad needed a Virtualisation Technology & Service Orchestration Platform using an application which will allow them to interwork to provide a business service. This is made possible by Cloud Computing Technology developed by […]

Kampung WiFi

The development of the WiWi AP technology and the production of the equipment in Kulim by MIMOS are very important to support the broadband proliferation in this country.  Producing it locally makes the equipment more affordable. Quantum Intellicode is currently working on a way to further reduce the cost of broadband infrastructure by building a […]

Komputer 1Malaysia

iDOLA is not a me-too tablet PC.  It is designed to be user friendly even for people who have not been closely acquainted with a normal desktop computer before.  While learning how to use a desktop computer may take some time, iDOLA is created to be easy and natural to use from the start.  Users […]


“Information on the composition of skills and qualification in the labour market is of utmost importance if a nation were to ensure that the availability of talent will be able to match industry demand. JobsMalaysia intends to do just that, with the intelligent job-matching engine developed by MIMOS.”   The objective of JobsMalaysia is to enhance […]

Tutor iLMS

The Intelligent Learning Management System (ILMS) Technology platform developed & patented by MIMOS promises revolutionary teaching & learning solutions, leveraging on the power of online media. While the Government is working to build national infrastructure to support broadband and wireless connectivity, MIMOS has been working with its partners such as Perfisio Solutions to harness the […]

MARA Psychometrics

A psychometric test is used to identify a student’s multiple learning intelligence and distinguishes a suitable learning style for him or her – whether visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or simply read-and-write method. Psychometric tests can also include the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. The test currently plays an important part in the employee […]

Susu 1Malaysia

To ensure the milk is delivered to multiple destinations across Malaysia without any roadblocks, MIMOS developed Supply Chain Management (SCM) system called SCM Lite, deployed by Biforst Logistics Sdn Bhd.  The system tracks the distribution process from inventory tracking until DO (delivery order) settlement. A total end-to-end solution. Currently, designated officers in both the Ministry […]


Since the portal Agribazaar was launched in 2004, it has given birth to numerous success stories of  farmers and entrepreneurs who have made huge amount of sales through the portal.  The success stories include entrepreneur Muhd Shukri Muhd Salleh, who distributes local snack, Serunding, since 2005.  His sales through Agribazaar is estimated to be RM17,000 […]

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