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Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd

“Through a complete end-to-end digital supply chain platform, we are able to help our clients eliminate paperwork, which is both costly and detrimental to the environment. Thanks to platforms and solutions developed by MIMOS, we can offer the benefits and convenience of fully digitalised trading processes without incurring the high cost of technology adoption.” – […]

YIM Technology Resources Sdn Bhd

iDOLA 1MALAYSIA “Central to increasing the national broadband reach, it is the creation of devices which are affordable, of high quality and user-friendly. MIMOS has stepped up to the plate with the first Malaysian designed and manufactured tablet PC, iDola 1 Malaysia.” Technological advancement should translate itself into empowerment for all citizens of a country, […]

VADS Berhad

“As a pioneering Managed ICT Service Provider and largest Hosting Service Provider in the country, VADS Berhad needs solutions in the form of technological innovations, which will draw global players to Malaysia for our value-added IT & Business Process Outsourcing services and infrastructure. MIMOS has introduced the global phenomenon of Cloud Computing to Malaysian market […]

Quantum Intellicode Sdn Bhd

“The true purpose and value of broadband Internet lies in enabling rural and remote communities to access essential government services without having to travel far to the city to perform a transaction.  The e-kiosk, which was built with technology integration on MIMOS technology platform, allows users to perform a wide range of transactions fast and […]

Cloud Connect Sdn Bhd

“A big gap in implementing cloud is each of the cloud system providers can only operate within their own technology sphere.  With GC4 cloud platform developed by MIMOS, we are now able to resolve this issue by offering cloud orchestrating and provisioning system in an integrated manner under one common portal.” – Hanafiah Hassan, Managing […]

Perfisio Solutions Sdn Bhd

“Education will be more dispersed and more evenly distributed over a cross-section of the society without geographical barriers, if we are able to use frontier technologies to make it more accessible and affordable. With MIMOS’, we are able to substantiate innovative technology platform with the right quality of online content, which makes way for greater […]

Mutiara.Com Sdn Bhd

“Revitalising the Agricultural Sector in Malaysia translates into a greater mission to provide food security through optimisation of resources in a sustainable manner, while generating economic opportunities for farming communities. MIMOS and its Sensor Technologies support this mission by helping farmers enhance their productivity and efficiency.”  – Talib Abd Rahman, Project Manager PA Development, Mutiara.com […]

Inforence Sdn Bhd

“MIMOS provides the technology for precision agriculture through their MEMS Wireless sensors. Through their commitment in producing technology that can contribute towards increasing productivity and yield in the country’s agriculture and agro-based industries, we now have access to a ready-to-use indigenous technology which ensures plantation and farm management is more optimized.” – Yusri Alias, Chief […]

Biforst Technology Sdn Bhd

“Profitable and sustainable businesses rely on building capacity through optimisation of resources, thereby reducing costs and achieving ‘MORE FROM LESS’. The  Logistics Management System developed by MIMOS using Semantic Technology is an easy-to-adopt application, which can be deployed for greater efficiencies and productivity. Sometimes, Simplification of Technology is the best Solution and the role of […]

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