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A strategic agency under MOSTI

MIMOS – Universities CoE

MIMOS – Universities CoE

Our University Partners serve as virtual Researchers focusing on basic research in their respective technological areas of excellence, also complementing MIMOS’ applied research in frontier technologies. Collaboration with Universities provides MIMOS an opportunity to pool strengths and tap into a wealth of expertise to transform the technology seeds into technology shelves and platforms that are industry and market-driven for commercialisation.

Some of the CoE established by MIMOS with renowned research universities include:

Centre of Excellence in Cyberspace Security develops ultra secure encryption key management, indigenous encryption algorithms and hardware encryption modules.

Centre of Excellence in Semantics for the development of local domain experts in Semantic Technology particularly Semantic Multi-Agent Technology.

The Centre of Excellence in Augmented Reality aims at nurturing domain experts in semantic technology and augmented reality.

Centre of Excellence in Pattern Recognition and Machine Vision spearheads the development of advanced techniques for intelligent video surveillance.

Centre of Excellence in telecommunications technology to drive Malaysia’s transition to a Ubiquitous Network Society.

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