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A strategic agency under MOSTI



“Information on the composition of skills and qualification in the labour market is of utmost importance if a nation were to ensure that the availability of talent will be able to match industry demand. JobsMalaysia intends to do just that, with the intelligent job-matching engine developed by MIMOS.”  

The objective of JobsMalaysia is to enhance the workforce mobility and to ensure optimum use of labour through systematic job matching.  The portal also provides data on the job market locally and abroad, which is beneficial even for Malaysians living abroad and investors who would like to set up their offices and facilities in the country.

Through JobsMalaysia, job seekers can secure employment which matches their qualifications and skills, while employers can find candidates which suits their job vacancy.  All the necessary employment process can be conducted online through the portal, on in any of the 12 JobsMalaysia centres nationwide, without any charge.

JobsMalaysia  is one of three modules under the Ministry of Human Resources Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX) launched in 2002.  The two other modules include Labour Market Database and Office Automation System.   The system holds a database of unemployed graduates, retrenched workers, disabled people, single mothers, pensioners, tertiary students.

The ELX is an application under the Electronic government, which is the seventh flagship of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).  This initiative also fits in the overall picture of enhancing services rendered by the Human Resource Ministry through information and communications technology.

JobsMalaysia is powered by MIMOS’ Technology Innovations Mi-I2P and Mi-Dashboard.

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