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MARA Psychometrics

A psychometric test is used to identify a student’s multiple learning intelligence and distinguishes a suitable learning style for him or her – whether visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or simply read-and-write method. Psychometric tests can also include the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits.

The test currently plays an important part in the employee recruitment process implemented by many multinational companies.  By having psychometric testing right before going for a tertiary education will ensure that a student is set on a career path which is very much suited towards his or her learning capabilities and strength.

The psychometric testing is deployed using MIMOS Intelligent Learning Management System (iLMS), which is created to enhance learning experience through cognitive profiling. The solution built using semantic-based educational technology platform to deploy intelligent software applications for learning and development.  The iLMS also comes equipped with a dashboard that enables tracking students’ performance.

MARA Psychometrics is powered by MIMOS’ Technology Innovation Mi-iLMS.

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