A strategic agency under
A strategic agency under MOSTI


Partner with MIMOS

We believe in the spirit of collaboration to identify synergies and expertise that lie within industries, which will help forge new levels of technology partnerships towards the betterment of people’s lives. Explore and be our partners in innovation and growth.

Areas you can partner with us in:

  • Research & Development – We support and invite all Local and International Universities and Research Institutes to identify areas for joint research and development to help achieve greater potential and results.
  • Commercialisation – We partner with potential Entrepreneurs and Ventures, who have the capabilities as well as the drive to adopt MIMOS Technological Solutions and develop new innovative products and services for local, regional and international markets. OR if you are looking to improve your current systems and processes, resolve technological challenges or deploy technology for better solutions; you can partner with us for our innovative technology platforms and solutions.

We encourage you to share your ideas, submit your feedback on our technology, highlight business issues, and express your interest to partner with us.

Write confidentially to info@mimos.my with the above information for confidential correspondence.

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