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A strategic agency under MOSTI


Public Safety


Public safety and security is a major concern in any modern society. Situations that require prompt, efficient response demand relevant agencies that are equipped with the most dependable mission-critical technologies – by world-class benchmark, no less.

Through an efficient, intelligence-based public safety framework, relevant authorities can ensure the safety and security of residential streets, buildings, industrial areas, business districts, schools, hospitals, parks, public transit stations and other public areas.

Our technology solutions – from high-speed mobile communications and real-time data access systems to intelligent video surveillance – allow seamless integration of command and control, and transmission of multimedia content to enable safety and security personnel to reduce their response time during the incidence of crimes and other emergencies. The improved response time is expected to further raise public confidence in policing services and perception on public safety.

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Our business objectives are best met when we synergise our capabilities with our partners.

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Nuha Muhildin

Direct Line: +603 8995 5000 ext. 56994
E-mail: market@mimos.my

MIMOS creates value for the industry as well as its stakeholders through innovative offerings for greater efficiencies and marketability.

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