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Corporate Social Responsibility

“Responsible behavior is embedded into our organizational culture through our corporate values and business intent, one of which is also to support the national agenda of Digital Economy, enhancing quality-of-life by harnessing and building upon Malaysia’s ICT potential. We also see our role in devising solutions and frameworks for socially inclusive technology i.e. technology that benefits the industry as well as the ‘rakyat’, which is what we term as – Innovation for Life.”

MIMOS has been implementing various flagship CSR projects to include deployment of knowledge and technology platforms in the areas of Education and Community Support.


K-Masjid, a community project championed by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and implemented by MIMOS, focuses on empowering grass root communities through ICT, enabling them to uplift their socio-economic status. It consists three (3) components namely, (i) K-Center (cyber centre); (ii) K-Masjid Portal; and (iii) E-Khutbah.

K-Centre is equipped with ICT equipments to enable: (a) community capacity-building activities to be carried out and (b) income generation for the community through its daily operation as a cybercentre by providing shared ICT services at a minimal fee;  as well as (c) to develop communities’ knowledge and literacy on ICT through the activities being implemented at the centre.

K-Masjid Portal provides a platform for various relevant on-line activities such as e-sedekah, on-line transaction, zakat, obtaining religious information, on-line Al-Quran and so on.

Meanwhile E-Khutbah enables a more effective and impactful delivery of khutbah and religious teaching and learning activities.

K-School project was first ideated with an objective to raise standards of education delivery & school administration through deployment of ICT-based systems and tools such as Time Attendance System and Portal K-School.

Our endeavor has been to enhance the use of innovative technologies in the teaching process as well as assign dedicated resources (ICT teachers / ICT technicians) to help sustain the technology. We have been effective in reaching out to more than 12 schools across the states of Sarawak, Sabah, Selangor and Johor, with the K-School framework.

K-Wheel  concept owes its genesis to the growing need to raise ICT awareness in the country, helping the ‘rakyat’ as well as the grass-root communities to understand and appreciate ‘Technology’ in its many forms.

MIMOS has been working in close partnership with local bodies such as KOBERA Kawasan Bukit Naning and Kelab Sukan Komuniti Titi Tinggi to reach out to more communities.

Simply put, K-Wheel is a mobile internet bus park, fully equipped with ICT equipments, PCs and other Content as such as information on ICT training, exhibitions, seminars and talks, competitions etc. for active participation in 2-day events.

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