A strategic agency under
A strategic agency under MOSTI



MIMOS Education Framework can be used by private and public educational institutions. It provides a platform where students, teachers and other stakeholders can interact and exchange information while improving the learning outcomes and making education fun. Continuous lifelong learning is now possible to even the remotest of locations.

Education Framework comprises the following technologies:

  • Mi-Tablet
    A touchscreen and stylus-enabled tablet PC that is used to navigate and orgranise information.
  • Mi-Dashboard
    Knowledge Dashboard Software that displays multiple application data in a single view.
  • Mi-iLMS & Mi-Trust
    Learning solution to educate and track student performance viewable on a stakeholder dashboard, and cloud software that automatically detects and neutralises potential threats thereby creating a safe computing environment.
  • Mi-Office
    Supply chain management solution to enhance supply operations.
  • Mi-Page
    Platform that personalises and delivers Internet information direct to users.

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