1. What does MIMOS stand for? Is it an acronym?
MIMOS was first established in 1985 as the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems. Today, MIMOS has become a full-fledged government-owned company, and our research and development (R&D) activities expand beyond the realm of semiconductors. We still maintain the name MIMOS, as a standalone name and no longer as an acronym.

2. Why was MIMOS established? What is the chief role of MIMOS?
When it was first established in 1985, MIMOS’ purpose was to provide critical infrastructure for the advancement of the local electronics industry so that the nation can design, produce and market high-quality electronic products by local capabilities due to the importance of industrial and economic growth. Today, MIMOS pursues applied research in frontier technologies aimed at growing globally-competitive homegrown industries to move Malaysia up the value chain and ensure accelerated economic growth.

3. What are the R&D areas that MIMOS is focusing on?
Our R&D efforts cover a wide range ICT-based technology. As at 2012, the efforts are focused on 10 technology thrust areas, namely Advanced Analysis and Modelling, Advanced Computing, Information Security, Intelligent Informatics, Knowledge Technology, Microenergy, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Psychometrics and Wireless Communications.

4. Who are the beneficiaries of MIMOS technologies?
The technologies developed by MIMOS are created for the benefit of industries, universities and other research institutions, and the government. Most importantly, the technologies can be used by local SMEs in developing innovative products and applications which can be commercialised. Ultimately, people on the streets have benefited and will continue to benefit from our technologies.

5. Does MIMOS collaborate with international technology players?
Definitely. We have on-going collaborations with strong brand names in the industry such as Agilent, Altair, CISCO, Microsoft, SGI, Yahoo!, HP and Intel.

6. Are technologies developed by MIMOS up to par with those developed in more advanced countries?
MIMOS’ researchers are of world-class standards. Many of them have worked on research and product development with international organisations such as Motorola, Intel and HP, to name a few. Also, many of our researchers own patents for their innovations. In fact, we make it a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for each researcher to come up with patentable innovations. As our technologies are tailored more towards local market needs, they are much better compared to many foreign technologies, in terms of local market relevance.

7. Are the technologies developed in MIMOS applicable for local industries?
We always work closely with local industries to be aware of their needs and challenges. Many of the companies have become our technology recipients, whereby they build innovative products, services and applications on our technology platforms and subsequently offer them to the market. We have numerous success stories with local companies, among which are Perfisio Solutions, Biforst Holdings, VADS, Cloud Connect, Inforence and Quantum Intelli Code, to name a few.

8. What is frontier technology? Why is it important to carry out R&D in this field?
Frontier technology is a term we use to describe technologies in a new and emerging area of research. We believe that in order to maintain the country’s competitive edge, we must strive to always be at the forefront of new technology and become the catalyst of technological advancement which will result in economic prosperity.

9. Does MIMOS provide funding for local companies to carry out technology commercialisation?
MIMOS does not carry out the function of disbursing R&D funds. However, we can work together with fund recipients to collaborate on developing technologies and platforms. MIMOS itself is fully funded by the government to churn out technology platforms to be utilised by local companies. As such, by collaborating with us, local companies can utilise all available platforms and applications that we have, saving them enormous amount of time and money they would otherwise have to spend on R&D.

10. What are some of MIMOS technologies that are now being used by the local industries?
Among the many technology products and platforms which are now being utilised by the industries include psychometric-based Intelligent Learning Management System (Mi-iLMS)Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solution (Mi-Office), Precision Agriculture Sensors (Mi-MSCAN), Tablet PC (Mi-Tablet), Cloud Computing Platform (Mi-IaaS) and Wireless Access Point technology (Mi-WiWi).