Brief of MyICom

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MyICom (My Integrity Commitments) is a complement to the MIMOS Code of Ethics (MCE).
MyICom (My Integrity Commitments) is a complement to the MIMOS Code of Ethics (MCE).

It summarises the 20 Essential Responsibilities that all MIMOSians are expected to uphold in line with the MCE.

Under each of the 20 commitments, essential behavioural guidelines and references to relevant Standard Operating Procedures and Policy guidelines are provided.

History of MyICom

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The MCE is a prescription of desirable behaviours to enable MIMOSians tolive up to the noble value of Uncompromising Integrity, the first of the eight SATRIA1 values.

The MCE was first launched on 26th September 2006. As a ready reference for all MIMOSians to recall and practise their obligations under the MCE, a list of Key Responsibilities, a summary of the MCE, was published in 2009.

In line with MIMOS increasing emphasis on Commercialisation, a revised MCE was released incorporating behavioural guidelines covering dealings with Technology Recipients.

In addition, on 11th November 2011, a complementary
e-booklet entitled “MyICom” was launched by YBhg. Dato’ Madinah Mohamad, Secretary General of MOSTI. MyICom provides tips and references for practising the 20 Commitments to further assist MIMOSians in upholding the MCE when discharging their work responsibilities.

It must be stressed that MyICom is a complement to the MCE and is in no way intended to be a substitute to the MCE or the
published MIMOS Policies and Procedures.

It is our sincere hope that all MIMOSians will find MyICom practical and useful.

Commercialization Code of Conduct

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Every world class organization is founded based on integrity, which require a strict ethical code of conduct.  In line with MIMOS effort of becoming a global R & D organisation, MIMOS has established a Code of Conduct focusing on Commercialisation activities.

MIMOS has an established Code of Ethics that governs the organisation and the leadership behaviour is  based on the SATRIA1 values.   This code of ethics and behaviour acts as a guiding principle and ethical standard to be practised by every MIMOSian in their daily conduct.

The MIMOS code of Ethics has been expanded to include “Guidelines for Commercialization Code of Conduct” that has 7 statements dealing with 7 critical areas that could have the potential to cause ethical or integrity dilemmas.  For details on this Guidelines, please click the MIMOS Code of Ethics e-booklet.