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A strategic agency under MOSTI


Perfisio Solutions Sdn Bhd

“Education will be more dispersed and more evenly distributed over a cross-section of the society without geographical barriers, if we are able to use frontier technologies to make it more accessible and affordable. With MIMOS’, we are able to substantiate innovative technology platform with the right quality of online content, which makes way for greater learning.”
– Fareed Abd Ghani, Chief Operating Officer, Perfisio Solutions

Towards developing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to help build our nation’s competitiveness, the 10th Malaysia Plan acknowledges the critical need to strengthen our education and training systems. This includes providing best teaching and learning infrastructure.

PERFISIO SOLUTIONS partnered with MIMOS BERHAD to bring about a revolutionary E-Learning Solution to Malaysians, innovating the traditional means of Education.

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