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A strategic agency under MOSTI


Core Focus Areas

Since its inception in 1985, MIMOS has travelled far to evolve and emerge as a purpose-driven organisation. We have been undertaking applied research in ICT towards raising national competitiveness and global positioning of Malaysia as an innovation-led economy. Operating as a leading R&D agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), we fulfil our role of supporting homegrown industries by developing and sharing with them globally-competitive technology and related services.

Today, our focus is in three key areas:

Last Mile Solutions

Bringing Malaysia to a new degree of connectivity and redressing digital divide through technology implementation
Enterprise Framework

Creating a platform which enables connectivity, productivity and communication that aids development
Fusion Sensors

Innovating fusion sensors for building a sustainable future through efficient energy harnessing and storage systems



Towards this end, MIMOS’ Mi-WiWi Technology Platform has already served as part of the national roll-out of the Broadband for General Population (BBGP) initiative, which is in line with the national broadband target of 75 percent household penetration by 2015. Designed as an alternative for last-mile connectivity, Mi-WiWi is an environmentally-friendly plug-and-play instant broadband hotspot technology platform which is an ideal solution for cheaper and more affordable connectivity per user. It provides multiple PC connections using existing WiFi connectivity for devices like desktop and portable computers as well as smartphones, with broadband speed.


MIMOS’ Enterprise Framework is an interoperable framework that allows ISVs to create a presentation desktop for individual users of an enterprise. Built on WPF technology, it comes in two versions – Client and Web (Silverlight). The widgets are built on the framework using Visual Studio and can consume any services that are exposed. With this tool a user experience officer can call for any information within the enterprise on her desktop with the help of the widgets. The framework allows user to access various web services and uses semantic technology related to these services. The widgets relate with each other and form an intelligent user friendly desktop application. The Enterprise Framework comprises Mi-Dashboard, Mi-Page, Mi-I2P, Mi-Clip, Mi-IaaS and Mi-Secure technologies.


Designed based on MIMOS-developed microelectromechanical (MEMS) system platforms, the MIMOS Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Mi-MSCAN produces accurate multi-sensory capability. Its miniaturisation offers flexibility and ease of use, while its comprehensive design parameters ensure excellent performance and reliable data readings.

For instance, Mi-MSCAN for precision agriculture can help the local industry produce quality crops. The sensors can monitor micro-climate changes and soil nutrients, so that farmers can take necessary steps to increase or decrease such procedures as fertilising and watering, at the right time. Other components of Mi-MSCAN; namely the wireless mote, router, gateway and Precision Agriculture Management System (PAMS) function harmoniously to ensure efficient communication and transmission of crucial sensor data from the field to the user’s screen, wherever the location is. The system features fully-integrated “real-time and remote monitoring” with proven robustness and low power consumption for long-lasting operation.

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