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Technology Facilities

Malaysia’s aspiration to emerge as a Digital Economy – through enterprise enablement, e-commerce, economic empowerment, technology sector growth and social inclusiveness – can be achieved by establishing synergies and harnessing capabilities with the industry, across sectors.  MIMOS continues to offer its state-of-the-art and world-class facilities that include Wafer Fabrication, Failure Analysis Labs, Product Quality & Engineering (PQRE) Labs, User Experience (UX) and Reliability Labs, Rapid Prototyping Services etc, for the benefit of  various stakeholders in the ICT value chain.

MIMOS has been entering into MoUs with various industry partners especially from the National Key Economic Areas – (NKEA) Electrical and Electronics (E&E) Sector; supporting one of the objectives articulated in the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to promote shared services among industries.

We have capabilities in the following areas:


The pioneer 200mm wafer fabrication plant, MIMOS Wafer Fab is the leading provider of microelectronic products and services in Malaysia. The plant is fully equipped with world-class technology and equipment, to cater to various industrial and research requirements.   We are able to provide a wide range of services including Turnkey Design Support, Customised Processes, Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) programmes and Product Development & Fabrication in CMOS, HVMOS, Digital, Analogue and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology platforms.

The MIMOS PQRE Lab provides stringent, end-to-end testing process, covering all phases of the application and product lifecycle.  Our experienced PQRE Engineers are well-trained to conduct such tests for mobile devices, cloud computing, web applications, desktop applications, system components, computer and telco networks, hardware reliability and compliance; and various other tests in the domains that include telecommunication, finance, logistics, education, agriculture, medical, mobile devices and applications, government systems, advertising, standards and compliance.

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