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Reliability Lab

MIMOS Reliability Lab was established in 2009 and its main objective has been to provide internationally-compliant hardware testing strategies and services, technical support and assistance to MIMOS Researchers, Product Development, Local Industries and Academia. The lab has been accredited by Standards Malaysia for MS ISO/IEC 17025 Testing Lab Competency (SAMM No:530) since October 2011.

The lab is led by a team of engineers with broad experiences in product testing for sensors and electrical components as well as for automotive and telecommunications industries.

The facilities and test methods are in compliance with International Standards such as IEC, Military, ASTM, JIS and JEDEC.

MIMOS Reliability Lab capabilities include:

  • Climatic Chamber (-70°C to 180°C / 98% RH)
  • Integrated Climatic and Vibration Chamber
  • Thermal Shock (-80°C to 180°C)
  • Salt Spray (480 litres)
  • HAST/Auto-Clave  (42 litres)
  • High Temperature Oven (up to 300°C)
  • Vibration Shaker (frequencies of 5 to 2kHz / 140kg load)
  • Water Ingression Test (IPX5/X6/X7)
  • Drop Tester (up to 2m/85kg load)
  • ESD Tester (up to 30kV)
  • Blowing Rain ( up to 40mph)
  • Weibull++ and ALTA Pro Reliability Analysis Software

For more information, please contact us at testlab@mimos.my or pqre@mimos.my.

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