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MIMOS Technology Solutions: Fast Facts

MIMOS R&D has developed the technologies and services for the enablement of technology growth. The following is a quick list of what we offer. For more details, download the fact sheets or brochures.

MIMOS Technologies at a Glance

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Explore MIMOS Innovations in IoT and Solution Applications

IoT Idea Book: Ideas for an IoT EcosystemDownloadTech Solution ApplicationDownload
Connected HealthcareMIMOS Technology Application Notes
Intelligent HomeAdvanced Traceability Platform
Disaster Surveillance and Response ManagementIntelligent Plantation Management
Experiential Travel and TourismDisaster-Ready Communication Infrastructure
Intelligent Human Resource Management

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Technology SolutionDescriptionCategoryDownload
Mi-AccelMorpheText Analytics AcceleratorTechnology
Mi-AccLibAccelerator LibraryTechnology
Mi-ARMCAuthorisation and Resource Management ComponentTechnology
Mi-BISBusiness Intelligence SuiteTechnology
Mi-ClipIntelligent Web Clipper PlatformTechnology
Mi-CloudCloud Infrastructure PlatformTechnology
Mi-CryptoCryptographic ModuleTechnology
Mi-DocIntegrated Document Management SystemTechnology
Mi-DSSDecision Support System PlatformTechnology
Mi-EdunetIntelligent Learning Management SystemTechnology
Mi-ESBEnterprise Service BusTechnology
Mi-EsprxoEnterprise Presence CommunicatorTechnology
Mi-FleetFleet Management SystemTechnology
Mi-GalacticaQuery AcceleratorTechnology
Mi-HarmonyIntelligent Harmonisation ToolTechnology
Mi-HELIO HelivexDynamic Visual ExplorerTechnology
Mi-IDSInformation Dissemination SystemTechnology
Mi-ILPIndoor Location PlatformTechnology
Mi-IntelligenceSocial Media Intelligence ToolTechnology
Mi-IRMSIntelligent Resource Management SystemTechnology
Mi-LatteLight Assignment Task EngineTechnology
MI-LPRLicence Plate Recognition PlatformTechnology
Mi-ManageControl Management SystemTechnology
Mi-MarketE-Marketplace PlatformTechnology
Mi-MISTInternet Services of ThingsTechnology
Mi-MochaCloud Health AnalyserTechnology
Mi-MorpheData Cleansing And Migration ToolTechnology
Mi-PortalEnterprise Web Portal PlatformTechnology
Mi-ResourceManpower Planning, Simulation and Analytics ToolTechnology
Mi-ROSSReliable Object Storage SystemTechnology
Mi-ScrambleInfrastructure Security PlatformTechnology
Mi-SemanticSemantic Technology PlatformTechnology
Mi-ShowPresentation Management SystemTechnology
Mi-SPIntelligent Surveillance PlatformTechnology
Mi-TraceIntelligent Traceability PlatformTechnology
Mi-TrustTrusted PlatformTechnology
Mi-TujuIndoor Location Navigation and Tracking SystemTechnology
Mi-UAPUnified Authentication PlatformTechnology
Mi-VisualiticsSocial Network Intelligence ToolTechnology
Mi-VPNVirtual Private NetworkTechnology

Technology SolutionDescriptionCategoryDownload
Work Performance SolutionEmployment personality solution administered through the Talent Performance Management Solution (TPMS). Technology
Career Solution Occupational interest solution administered through the Talent Performance Management Solution (TPMS). Technology
Integrity Assessment SolutionDecision-making tool designed to measure integrity and predict the likelihood of problematic behaviour at work. Technology
Entrepreneurial SolutionEntrepreneurship-driving solution administered through the Talent Performance Management Solution (TPMS). It is designed to assess personality attributes that are predictors of entrepreneurial effectiveness.Technology
Solution for Business InterestWhen making a big decision like starting your own business, you need a clear sense of what makes you tick. The Business Interest Profile, or BIP, is an entrepreneurial interest assessment administered through the Talent Performance Management Solution (TPMS).Technology
Solution for Employee EngagementThe Employee Engagement Indicator (ENGAGE) is a psychometric solution designed to measure employees’ emotional commitment to their companies and passion for their work – which are important contributors to productivity, employee retention and job satisfaction.Technology

Nano-Semiconductor Industrial Technology (NSIT)
Technology SolutionDescriptionCategoryDownload
Shared Services LabsServices covering Failure Analysis, Reliability, Wafer & IC Testing, Hands-On Skills Development Programme, Wafer Fabrication, IC DesignService
Mi-WARISWireless Atmosphere for Integrated SystemsTechnology


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