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Job Description

Employee Relation Manager


Corporate Human Resources

Position Purpose & Summary:

The incumbent is responsible for building a high performance culture through strategic engagement link to the performance base initiative. Part of the role is to building a strong trust with all stakeholders from top bottom providing continuous improvement in cultural commitment for optimizing talent growth retention rate in the organization.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

1.   Employee Relations

Facilitate or assist company stakeholders to identify the needs, motivations, skills, competency or and thought processes to improvements on the well-being or challenges faced in performing the day to day job role and responsibilities.

2.   Employee Engagement

Maintain positive employee relations across the division (MIMOS wide), focusing on engagement and empowerment leadership values using satria1 to maintain a high level of employee motivation and morale.

3.   Performance Management

Maintain and improve Mi PM (MIMOS Performance Management) system to focus on both the process & content. Provide support where required to internal stakeholders to accomplish efficient performance reviews. Ensure quality, deadlines and follow-up on the output (collation of needs, feedback, etc.).

4.   Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Program

Acting as a coach and source of advice on performance and development issues – intervening where necessary to improve management and team effectiveness.

5.   Facilitate Exit Interview

Assess the overall employee experience within your organization who has resigned and identify opportunities to improve retention and engagement.





Technical Skills

  • Organizational Development Management
  • Change Management Planning
  • Talent Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Media Strategy and Human Computer Interaction

Academic Qualification:

  • Degree
  • Master
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
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