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2024-issue-2Corporate Highlights

MOSTI introduces ITIC, Semiconductor Research Consortium, and MIMOS Academy to foster technological advancement in Malaysia

YB Tuan Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), inaugurated the Industry Technology Innovation Centre (ITIC), Semiconductor Research Consortium, and MIMOS Academy at MIMOS Berhad, in Kulim High-Tech Park (KHTP), Kedah.

The launch of the ITIC represents a major milestone in the advancement of the technology industry. ITIC comprises four centres, each managed by a different agency under MOSTI: MIMOS, focusing on the Electrical and Electronics (E&E) sector; MRANTI, specialising in Drone and Robotic Technology; MIGHT, dedicated to Smart City Technology; and MYSA, enhancing its work in Aerospace. Specifically, the MIMOS ITIC will emphasise Automated Test Equipment (ATE), supporting the E&E Roadmap 2021-2030, with goals to localise high-value components and boost value-added contributions.

ITIC will enhance local content in ATE manufacturing by sourcing components and materials locally, fostering partnerships, and establishing local manufacturing facilities to boost employment and expertise. Local talent will develop specialised software and firmware, ensuring products meet domestic demands. Comprehensive training and technical support will equip individuals with the skills needed for effective ATE system operation while integrating local suppliers will streamline operations and improve cost efficiency.

Government incentives and academic partnerships will further drive innovation, positioning Malaysia as a global leader in the E&E industry. MIMOS Academy will play a crucial role in Malaysia’s tech sector, offering essential training and fostering the next generation of tech pioneers.

Aligned with Malaysia’s National Semiconductor Strategies (NSS), the academy aims to attract investments and develop skilled talent, solidifying Malaysia’s position as a global R&D hub. YB Tuan Chang Lih Kang said the significant impact of new initiatives, such as the ITIC, Semiconductor Research Consortium, and MIMOS Academy, stressing their transformative potential. He described these establishments as new facilities, and the beginning of a profound journey for industries, talents, and future generations. These initiatives symbolise a commitment to promoting innovation and excellence, offering an environment conducive to idea generation, talent development, and the creation of cutting-edge technologies.