Provision of Integrated Facilities Management Services for 2 Years Primary Terms with Option to Extend for Another 2 Years Secondary Term for MIMOS Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP)

150 150 MIMOS Berhad
Competitive Bidding No. CB2/S/2014
Bidder's Eligibility Memiliki semua kod Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (MOF) seperti dibawah: 220301, 220401, 220503, 220507, 221001, 221002
Participation Fee RM50.00
Bidding Date & Time 18 March 2014, 08.00 am
Bidding Closing Date & Time of Submission 27 March 2014, 03.00 pm
Status 1) Pembida Berjaya : Gagasan Sentral Sdn. Bhd. 2) Tawaran Harga : RM511,200.00 3) Tempoh Projek  : Bermula pada 1 Jun 2014 sehingga 31 May 2016.
Bidder's Code 1) Bidder 1/4 2) Bidder 2/4 3) Bidder 3/4 4) Bidder 4/4
Officer in Charge
Briefing / Site Visit
Petender bagi Bidaan No.: CB2/S/2014 di atas diwajibkan menghadiri salah satu taklimat yang akan diadakan pada 20 Mac 2014 (Khamis) jam 10:00 pagi atau 3:00 petang di Townhall, MIMOS Berhad, Jalan Hi-Tech 2/3, Zon Ind. Fasa 1, Kulim Hi-Tech Park 09000 Kulim, Kedah. Hanya petender yang menghadiri taklimat tender/sebutharga ini sahaja akan dibenarkan mengemukakan tawaran bidaan tersebut.

Tender Clarifications

Q: Information on Chargeman requirement for M&E and C&S.
A: The Chargeman will act as supervisor with a minimum A4 Certification.
  1. Bidding documents are ONLY available and retrievable by downloading from “Bid Documents” link above.
  2. It is mandatory for bidders to attend the bid briefing or site visit unless stated otherwise.
  3. One bidder can only represent one company during the briefing and site visit.
  4. The bidding payment/ participation fee must be made through on-line banking with appropriate reference or via cash deposit machine to MIMOS MAYBANK Account Number 512147020249 and the proof of payment must be attached with the bid proposal. The participation fee will not be refunded.
  5. The completed bid proposal must be submitted by hand to the MIMOS Document Depository located at the lobby area of MIMOS Berhad at the following address:
    MIMOS Berhad
    Technology Park Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel : 603-89955000 Fax : 603-89960292
  6. Any proposal which is incomplete or not complied to the bidding terms and conditions or submitted after the bid closing deadline will not be accepted or considered and will be rejected.
  7. All costs related to the preparation, participation and delivery of proposals are the responsibility of the bidder.
  8. MIMOS Berhad is not subject to accept the lowest price offered. MIMOS Berhad also reserves the right to cancel or postpone or suspend the bid in whole or in part before or after the closing date without stating any reasons.