Provision for Supply and Installation of IT Hardware (G) for MIMOS Berhad/ Perolehan untuk Membekal dan Memasang Perkakasan Teknologi Maklumat (G) Untuk MIMOS Berhad

150 150 MIMOS Berhad
Competitive Bidding No. CB12/T/2015
Bidder's Eligibility MOF Code : 210101, 210102, 210105 or having experience in related fields.
Participation Fee RM100.00
Bidding Date & Time 14 September 2015, 08.00 am
Bidding Closing Date & Time of Submission 6 October 2015, 03.00 pm
Status Closed
Bidder's Code NA
Officer in Charge
Eliza Ahmad Basri / Contact No. : 8995 5000 Ext. No. : 55566

Tender Clarifications

Q: 1. Based on the quantity requirement, firewall are only 2 units. Which means 1 unit in TPM and 1 unit in KHTP. No HA design can be configured with this setup
A: Quantity of Firewall is revised to 4 units. As for HP S1400N 1.5Gbps remains uncharged. Please refer to the revised Item 1.1.13 BQ as attached herewith.
Q: 2. As for Load Balancer, 2 units only at TPM? How about KHTP. Minimum 2 units is required for HA
A: The quantity remains unchanged. Please refer to the revised BQ as attached herewith
Q: 3. On Item 2.11.0 CloudEngine 12800 Core Switch. Ideally the core switch requires a minimum of super virtual fabric (SVF) switches. Therefore, we notice that the tender does not contain SVF switch. Does the core switch needs the SVF switch? If yes, how many units does MIMOS require.
A: Core switch need SVF switch. Each core switch need 2 unit of SVF. Please refer to the revised SOW Item No. 2.11.30 until 2.11.334 as attached herewith.
Q: 4. What is MIMOS current switching capacity? What is MIMOD forecasted switching capacity for next 4 years?
A: Information could not be revealed / Classified Information
Q: 5. Can we know how many sites that hardware to be deliver to? And where are the site equipment needs to relocate to? How many items needs to be relocate?
A: Migration will be for MIMOS existing Firewall, Core switches and Load Balancer. There will be 2 sites for network hardware.
Q: 6. Referring to the delivery site(s), the services need to perform onsite of each difference location or stage at a single site
A: Staging for all network equipment will be at Mimos TPM. After testing , burn in test is done then some equipment will be delivered to the respective site.
Q: 7. Are this RE to be full time reside in MIMOS, TPM Bukit Jalil only?
A: As for now, all RE will be based in Bukit Jalil.
Q: 8. Can MIMOS share the current core switch designed for this Core Switch Migration such as number VLAN and segment? Are all the 4 units of Core Switch requested to be resite in MIMOS TPM, Bukit Jalil? Does the migration involve firewall, IPS, bandwidth shaping and load balancer?
A: Professional services include all network equipment in the tender. Information could not be revealed / Classified Information
Q: 9. What is the length of the fiber patch cord requires
A: It is not fiber patch but they need to pull 8 core multi mode fiber including Fiber termination Pictails LC, fiber patch panel . As for the length about 60 meters.
Q: 10. In the Scope of Work, item 2.8.16 requires OSD Nodes (8 units). However, this item is missing from the document Bill of Quantities.
A: For Storage A it must include 3 monitor nodes , 8 OSD nodes , 1 x 1Ge switch, 1 x 10Ge switch and 1 server rack following the spec from the SoW. The BQ states how many Storage A we need.
Q: 11. For the SoW Item No. 2.10.1, L4 HTTP requests per second is changed.
A: L4 HTTP requests per second: 1.25M (please refer to the SoW Item No. 2.10.1)
Q: 12. Item 4.8 SoW: Please provide cable distance between MIMOS DC1 and DC2.
A: D1 to D2 length is 60 Meter.
  1. Bidding documents are ONLY available and retrievable by downloading from “Bid Documents” link above.
  2. It is mandatory for bidders to attend the bid briefing or site visit unless stated otherwise.
  3. One bidder can only represent one company during the briefing and site visit.
  4. The bidding payment/ participation fee must be made through on-line banking with appropriate reference or via cash deposit machine to MIMOS MAYBANK Account Number 512147020249 and the proof of payment must be attached with the bid proposal. The participation fee will not be refunded.
  5. The completed bid proposal must be submitted by hand to the MIMOS Document Depository located at the lobby area of MIMOS Berhad at the following address:
    MIMOS Berhad
    Technology Park Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel : 603-89955000 Fax : 603-89960292
  6. Any proposal which is incomplete or not complied to the bidding terms and conditions or submitted after the bid closing deadline will not be accepted or considered and will be rejected.
  7. All costs related to the preparation, participation and delivery of proposals are the responsibility of the bidder.
  8. MIMOS Berhad is not subject to accept the lowest price offered. MIMOS Berhad also reserves the right to cancel or postpone or suspend the bid in whole or in part before or after the closing date without stating any reasons.