Industrial Design Lab

MIMOS Industrial Design is an award-winning design studio that focuses on design and development that span and support new technologies and applications. The design team comprises product and automotive design experts who are dedicated to improving the everyday lives of people; with a passion for innovative technologies and readiness to work directly with a client’s top management.

As a pioneer in industrial design in Malaysia, the studio provides process-driven results by researching user requirements and needs, which can be tightly integrated across other disciplines. In the design development process, the team also places great emphasis on design language research to create a brand identity and emotion for each product. The studio is supported by state-of-the-art 2D & 3D digital software, complex surface modelling, detailed solid modelling on multiple design packages, including augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

The studio applies the design thinking method imbued with creative culture for the design process for more innovative and unique output. This facility seeks to further empower and educate the industries on the design thinking process to improve their product’s design and remain competitive in the marketplace.