In 2018, MIMOS continued to contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of local Electrical and Electronics industries through digital transformation activities, technology development and engineering analytical services.


Industry transformation

  • >> MIMOS’ Advanced E&E Shared Services Facilities have benefited 48 multinational companies and 15 small and medium entreprises.

  • >> Supported customised skills-development in Semiconductor and Microelectronics technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) specialist certifications.


Technology development

  • >> Together with a Penang-based automation company, NSW Automation Sdn Bhd, we launched a graphene and nanomaterial nano-coating equipment known as Mi-Atomizer 3.0, for semiconductor industry. The equipment enables seamless integration of nanomaterials into semiconductor process technologies and provides opportunity for the development of advanced semiconductor devices. The system is also economical, has high transfer efficiency and has no agglomerations during the coating process.

  • >> Enabled entry of local companies into global Smart City market through Smart Street Light technology, IoT Hub and Secured Smart Energy Controller solutions.

  • >> Deployed an IoT intelligent agriculture solution utilising smart sensor-based technology for shiitake mushroom cultivation in Kundasang, Sabah, which recorded 85% yield improvement and 20% growth increase. Using the basic principles of Wireless Sensor Network and Mobile Computing technology, the system monitors sensor data in a feedback cycle where the control devices are activated based on pre-defined threshold values.

  • >> Teamed up with industry on in-line gas quality analytics using photonics technology through Fortune 500 Vendor Development Programme.