In 2018, MIMOS worked with the Government and industry to deliver high-impact projects in strategic sectors including defence, public safety, communications and the environment. We kept pace with the industrial digital transformation impacting the world, while establishing and renewing partnerships that have allowed us to combine strengths in navigating through this industrial revolution.

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), we partnered with Microsoft to establish AI and IoT schools in Malaysia, which began with a joint AI lab being established at MIMOS.  Training programmes in AI and IoT will be conducted to help train young entrepreneurs and graduates to leverage the two emerging technologies.  Apart from the collaboration with Microsoft, we continued to hold programmes aimed at building public awareness on the ins and outs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; with focus on AI, IoT, Blockchain and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

We completed the testing and validation of MIMOS’ Licence Plate Recognition, and the technology is undergoing continual R&D.  We have also started working with the rail industry to improve rail operations and commuter experience towards Smart Transportation. In AR/VR, MIMOS is leading a consortium aimed at spurring innovation in the field as well as in product design for industries. The consortium is set to see an increase in the adoption of AR/VR technologies into various industries such as smart manufacturing, asset management, tourism and education.

On the whole, 2018 saw continued interest from academia – local and international – to work together on emerging technologies; and nurturing the necessary talent pool.  Most gratifyingly, the Government and industry have remained confident and positive on MIMOS technology solutions.  Key Government projects in 2018 include:


Logistics information system  

MIMOS and the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) extended their partnership to develop the latter’s Integrated Logistics Information System (RMN-ILIS), a system that supports the naval force’s logistics needs, strengthen its coordination and operational movements. The initial MoU was signed in 2015, which ran until 2018. The MoU was then renewed in Oct 2018 and would see MIMOS and RMN work together until Oct 2021.

Flood forecasting and warning system

Backed by Big Data Analytics and IoT, the National Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre manages, integrates, distributes and disseminates information related to flood forecasting and early warning to respective authorities and the general public. The centre, operated by the Irrigation and Drainage Department, is capable of forecasting monsoon heavy rains seven days ahead and floods two days before they occur, and can also forecast and issue warnings on flash floods one to three hours ahead.

High-security mobile messaging app  

The MOHA-Embassy Communication Application (MECA) is a mobile messaging application developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs to serve as a communication channel for conveying security and consular-related information to Foreign Diplomatic Missions in a swift and secure manner. The system provides communication of authentic and accurate information between the Ministry and the diplomatic corps in a private, self-contained and secure environment to prevent data leakage.