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Tutor iLMS

The Intelligent Learning Management System (ILMS) Technology platform developed & patented by MIMOS promises revolutionary teaching & learning solutions, leveraging on the power of online media. While the Government is working to build national infrastructure to support broadband and wireless connectivity, MIMOS has been working with its partners such as Perfisio Solutions to harness the potential of online space through innovative technologies, products and services.

Currently, ‘TUTOR’ is a virtual hub for learning, trusted by over 600,000 Malaysian students at various stages of education.  The product, empowered by ILMS & Semantic Technology, can recognise the ability of the students through Psychometric Analysis and accordingly, adapts to the learning needs of the users.

Onine.tutor.com.my offer four modules covering 10 subjects for secondary and higher secondary students, across the age groups 9-12, 13-15 and 15-17. This online platform has the potential to bring about a positive transformation through E-Learning, covering not only Tertiary and Adult Education but also Training and Development through online vocational courses etc.

With frontier technologies such as iLMS, the future of Education can go beyond our imagination with Virtual Schools in Villages, Distance Education Modules for International Students who want to benefit from our Specialist Universities, Affordable and Accessible Learning Tutors Online and much more. MIMOS’ greater vision, in collaboration with its partners, is to narrow the digital divide in the country and  introduce innovative technologies supporting quality Education.

Tutor iLMS is powered by MIMOS’ Technology Innovation Mi-iLMS.

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