A strategic agency under
A strategic agency under MOSTI




In keeping with the Government’s inclusive growth strategies, it is but essential to modernise business processes, automate administrative procedures, deliver efficient and interactive public services, maintain data security and confidentiality and so on.

Through our innovative technological solutions, we continue to support Government’s goals to enhance its operational efficiencies and service standards, achieve greater transparency and service orientation, and become highly responsive to citizens.

Some of our ongoing initiatives in partnership with the Government include:

1. Trade Facilitation & Cost Reduction through back office reorganisation and information sharing across organisations and levels of the governments

2. Competency-based procurement made possible through system integrated network support for direct engagement with agencies

3. Information transmission to rural areas through wireless broadband technology offered in a community-based environment; taking into account social, economic and ethnic considerations

4. Robust national technology infrastructure which will support adoption of industry best practices, cross-country technology transfer and global partnerships

Commercialisation R&D To Market

Our business objectives are best met when we synergise our capabilities with our partners.

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