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Addressing smart city concerns

Smart city initiatives have been a central topic of discussion in industrialised and developing nations alike, as they generate economic growth and create a competitive environment for businesses that drive the development of communities that integrate intelligent technologies.

While smart cities and intelligent urbanisation attract investments and stimulate new opportunities, there are concerns on their implications on sustainability, infrastructure resilience and public safety.

These issues were hotly debated by government representatives and industry players during the Southeast Asia Smart Urban Infrastructure Forum held on 18 February at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur. Themed “Accelerating and Optimising Smart Cities and Community Development”, the forum addressed the issues and challenges associated with designing and developing smart localities.

One issue raised was on the risks, threats and opportunities involved in engaging cutting-edge technologies. MIMOS chief technology officer Thillai Raj shared his views on improving stakeholder collaboration in civil infrastructure technology integration.  Raj also filled the audience in on the opportunities and challenges of incorporating technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data in smart city development.

It was deduced that it would be crucial for policy makers and industries to work hand-in-hand to leverage each other’s capabilities in developing effective and sustainable smart city initiatives.