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A strategic agency under MOSTI


Knowledge Management Dashboard

The world is converging and so are the information platforms. MIMOS’ knowledge management dashboard solution offers singular access for users to multitudes of information. Know more about its application across sectors for greater efficiency and productivity.

Wireless Connectivity

Unlimited connectivity, against all odds. MIMOS’ integratable wireless access point offers various modes of wireless connectivity. It promises cost-effective and seamless integration for residential, commercial and enterprise deployments.

Cloud Computing

Revolutionising information management: MIMOS’ pioneer Cloud Computing platforms and solutions serve to address sectoral issues, with capabilities of processing large amounts of data in a simple, efficient and powerful manner.

Core Focus Areas

MIMOS undertakes applied research in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in three core areas: Enterprise Framework, Last Mile Solutions and Fusion Sensors


Technology Facilities

MIMOS promotes the following shared services to increase industry potential and competitiveness: MIMOS Wafer Fab, and Product Quality & Reliability Engineering​ Lab


R&D Areas

MIMOS conducts research through innovative projects under one or more of the following Ten Technology Thrust Areas:

  • Advanced Analysis & Modelling
    Develops and analyses mathematical models and computer simulations of research problems challenging the various MIMOS research areas.
  • Advanced Computing
    Spearheads R&D activities in large-scale computing, chiefly Cloud Computing; from SaaS and IaaS to Services Delivery Platform.
  • Information Security
    Focuses on Trusted Computing Group specifications, with ongoing research on Trusted Platform Module as well as Virtual TPM and Software TPM modules.
  • Intelligent Informatics
    Undertakes activities in innovative techniques related to the processing and representation of information, particularly in image processing and pattern recognition.
  • Knowledge Technology
    Focuses on activities in Semantic Web and Semantic Technologies towards developing a reusable Semantic Technology Platform for deploying Intelligent Software Applications.
  • Microenergy
    Develops renewable energy harvester and energy harvesting technologies, practices and advances.
  • Microelectronics
    Focuses on IC Design and Microelectronics; Wafer Fabrication; and MEMS and Microsystems.
  • Nanoelectronics
    Focuses include nanomaterials, nanostructures, nanoparticles, nanocomposites, as well as integration of nanomaterials and nanostructures in MEMS/NEMS.
  • Psychometrics
    Carries out research in such areas as the application of Computerised Adaptive Testing to both occupational and educational testing.
  • Wireless Communications
    Conducts research in networking and mobile computing solutions, with an emphasis on designing, implementing, and evaluating new network systems, protocols and applications.

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