Technology Fact Sheets

MIMOS has developed technologies and services for the enablement of technology growth. Download the following fact sheets for more details on our technology platforms.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Technology Description Category Download
Forest Monitoring IoT-Based Smart Forest Monitoring and Surveillance Solution
FoSIM Food Safety Information System of Malaysia Solution
MyHDW NationalHealth Data Warehouse Solution
Smart Farming IoT-Based Smart Farming Solution Solution
Smart Lock-up Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Technology Solution
TPC-OHCIS Teleprimary Care and Oral Health Clinical Information System Solution
U-Pustaka National Information Hub Solution
Peat Forest Management Sustainable Peat Forest Management Solution
Mi-AccelMorphe Text Analytics Accelerator Technology
Mi-ARMC Authorisation and Resource Management Component Technology
Mi-Atomizer Ultrasonic Coater for Nanomaterial Deposition Technology
Mi-BIS Business Intelligence Suite Technology
Mi-Clip Intelligent Web Clipper Platform Technology
Mi-Cloud Cloud Infrastructure Platform Technology
Mi-Doc Integrated Document Management System Technology
Mi-Flash Big Data Crowdsourcing Platform Technology
Mi-Flobo Flow Blood Oxygenation Device Technology
Mi-Focus Federated Mobility Cloud and Autonomic Services Management Platform Technology
Mi-Galactica Query Accelerator Technology
Mi-GEMS Gigabit Enhanced Mesh System Technology
Mi-Glucosenz Non-Invasive Glucose Sensor Technology
Mi-GMC Green Motion Controller Technology
Mi-GraphWafer Graphene Wafer Technology
Mi-GraphInk Graphene Conductive Ink Technology
Mi-GraphInkAntiStatic Graphene Anti-Static Ink Technology
Mi-Harmony Intelligent Harmonisation Tool Technology
Mi-HELIO Helivex Dynamic Visual Explorer Technology
Mi-IDS Information Dissemination System Technology
Mi-Intelligence Social Media Intelligence Tool Technology
Mi-IRMS Intelligent Resource Management System Technology
Mi-Latte Light Assignment Task Engine Technology
MI-LIP Location Intelligence Platform Technology
MI-LPR Licence Plate Recognition Platform Technology
MI-LUMENS Luminaires Monitoring Mesh Network Technology
Mi-Market E-Marketplace Platform Technology
Mi-MIST Internet Services of Things Technology
Mi-Mocha Cloud Health Analyser Technology
Mi-Morphe Data Cleansing And Migration Tool Technology
Mi-OGC Off-Grid Communication Technology
Mi-Portal Enterprise Web Portal Platform Technology
Mi-Resource Manpower Planning, Simulation and Analytics Tool Technology
Mi-ROSS Reliable Object Storage System Technology
Mi-Scramble Infrastructure Security Platform Technology
Mi-Show Presentation Management System Technology
Mi-SP Intelligent Surveillance Platform Technology
Mi-Scada Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Technology
Mi-SSEC Secured Smart Energy Controller Technology
Mi-Spark Smart Platform for Wireless Mesh Sensor Network Technology
Mi-Structure Structural Health Monitoring Technology
Mi-Surveilance Platform for Video Analytics Technology
Mi-SWITCH Smart Power Monitor and Switch Technology
Mi-Trace Intelligent Traceability Platform Technology
Mi-Trust Trusted Platform Technology
Mi-Tuju Indoor Location Navigation and Tracking System Technology
Mi-UAP Unified Authentication Platform Technology
Mi-Vigil Application Health Monitoring System Technology
Mi-Visualitics Social Network Intelligence Tool Technology
Mi-SensorNode IoT Sensor Node Technology
RecoMedia RecoMedia Technology
RHT Relative Humidity & Temperature Technology
Mi-SCP Smart Control Panel Technology