Driving 4IR

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) gains momentum, technology becomes increasingly convergent; innovation more disruptive and more encompassing; and advances more dauntlessly into our lives.


Supporting the National Agenda

As Malaysia’s national applied R&D centre, MIMOS supports the country’s national development agenda by aligning its focus with the nine technology pillars of the 4IR.  This is part of MIMOS’ role as Strategic Government Centre of Excellence and Advisory Agency for 4IR towards moving Malaysia from a nation of technology consumers to technology producers. 


MIMOS’ 4IR framework provides for Malaysia’s strategic response to 4IR through the following functions:

Policy Advisory for 4IR

Advising the Government in developing policies relating to technologies that drive 4IR, towards facilitating the nation’s aspirations in becoming a technology producer.


Strategic R&D

Carrying out government-driven R&D programme towards developing technologies in critical government sectors such as national security, public safety, healthcare, energy, finance and agriculture.  R&D activities are facilitated by five national R&D facilities hosted by MIMOS.


Technology Venture and Incubation

Boosting the growth of Malaysia’s homegrown industry towards becoming technology producers by establishing technology ventures from MIMOS technologies.


Shared Services and Collaboration

Providing a shared platform for initiatives such as Advanced Electrical and Electronics, Manufacturing Center of Excellence, Digital Government, IoT and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Hub for R&D projects.


Capacity and Capability Building

Providing facilities, resources, and expertise in supporting the Government in producing highly-skilled workforce needed to face 4IR, chiefly through the establishment of MIMOS U.