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5G and AI hub is here!

An innovation hub that combines both 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has arrived in Malaysia. It is set to accelerate industrial use cases enabled by advanced technologies.

Announced on March 10, the 5G and AI Innovation Hub was developed through a tripartite partnership between MIMOS, Maxis and Huawei Technologies Malaysia. Apart from 5G and AI, the hub is equipped with other technological capabilities which include Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud, thus fast-tracking technology adoption among enterprises.

Once it is fully operational, the hub will be a co-creation testbed for research and development (R&D) and an incubator for innovative solutions, which will allow businesses to access infrastructure and facilities enabled by advanced technologies.

MIMOS as R&D Advisory

MIMOS will play its role as a host and innovation driver where it will offer R&D advisory, its national-level facilities for testbed operation, demonstration and training. It will also oversee the creation of solutions that will aid industries in achieving constant growth.

Maxis will offer its best-in-class networking and connectivity services, expertise for new innovations to be nurtured and accelerated, as well as capabilities to integrate the solutions developed by the hub.

Huawei, meanwhile, will tap on its extensive experience in operating innovation labs, advice on global best practices, facilitate technology knowledge transfers to local ecosystem partners and also help take these innovations to the global go-to market.


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