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About Us

MIMOS was established to initiate research and development (R&D) in Microelectronics in 1985 under the Prime Minister’s Department. Throughout its journey, MIMOS has evolved into the national Applied R&D Centre to be a catalyst of growth for the electrical and electronic industry and to realise the Nation’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) vision propelling Malaysia into a high-technology country.

Currently, MIMOS is a strategic agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and a premier innovation centre in Semiconductors, Microelectronics, and ICT technologies, contributing to Malaysia’s socio-economic growth through patentable technology platforms, products, and solutions. Since its inception, MIMOS has filed more than 2,000 patents in various technology domains and across key socio-economic areas driving Malaysia’s digital transformation journey into the international arena, rebranding itself as MIMOS Global in 2022.

As a centre of research excellence, MIMOS is focusing on Semiconductors & Thin Film Research, Advance Electronics & Embedded Systems, and Technologies for Manufacturing and Smart Nation. The R&D on Semiconductors & Thin Film Research will enhance Malaysia’s position in the global semiconductor value chain through homegrown technology infusion and strengthen the existing semiconductor technology for increased competitiveness and sustainability.

The R&D on Advance Electronics & Embedded Systems will lead toward the development of core electronic reference designs and embedded systems for creating indigenous products that will be supporting critical requirements in relevant industries, as well as develop cutting-edge Embedded Systems and IoT systems that enable transformative applications in a wide range of industries.

In addition, the R&D on Manufacturing Technologies will lead towards accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing industry and allows MIMOS to offer its expertise to our partners and stakeholders. The focus of this R&D will also drive innovation, efficiency and productivity, along with improving quality through collaborative partnerships and research initiatives.

Furthermore, the R&D on Smart Nation Technologies will lead to self-reliance on smart technology, the bedrock for nation-building and economic development, ultimately moving towards a better Malaysia.

MIMOS continuously enhance its collaborations with existing strategic partners, explore new opportunities with potential partners, and develop new technology companies and business-oriented technology venture organisations. It will also continue to conduct applied research and development of advanced technology, explore the development of global technopreneurship, and cultivate an attitude of trust, innovation and high performance


To be the frontier applied Research and Development (R&D) Centre in Electrical and Electronics (E&E) and Information Communication Technology (ICT).



Pioneering innovation and technology development towards creating a local industry that is globally competitive.

Culture & Values

Uncompromising Integrity

Act with integrity and in accordance with a standard moral judgment consistent with MIMOS’ code of ethics.


Envisioning Technology Leadership

Demonstrate eagerness to acquire necessary technical knowledge, skills and competencies to ensure the accomplishment of results or to serve customer needs effectively.


Shared Vision among Team Members

Demonstrate an understanding of the link between designated job responsibilities and the overall organisational goals and needs, performing each task with the broader goals in mind.


Flawless Execution of Commitments

Execute tasks flawlessly that produce quality results or services, exceeding the organisational standards.


Edge in Performance

Produce quality results or services exceeding the organisational standards.


Culture of Innovation, Creativity & Productivity

Adaptive to change and open to seeing the merits of different positions and strategies in response to new information or changes in a situation.


Teaming as a Way of Life

Able to develop cooperation and collaborative work efforts towards solutions, benefitting all parties involved.


Accountability for All Actions

Making decisions authoritatively and wisely after adequately contemplating various available courses of action. Taking responsibility for all decisions and actions.


The  Accolades

The industry recognition of MIMOS’ continuing leadership in frontier technologies and innovative solutions speaks of our credible track-record, our expertise and commitment to delivering value to the industry

Gold Prize Winner
Hyundai Elevator Global Idea Contest
Best Paper Award (Cluster 4: Material, Process & Product & EDS Best Paper Award)
International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics (ICSE 2022)
Gold Award for Covid-19 International Innovation Award
Malaysia Technology Expo
Special Award for EURO Business-Haller Poland 2022
Malaysia Technology Expo
Malaysia Good Design Award through MIMOS Mi-Spark Gateway
Malaysia Design Council (MRM)
Gold medal
Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition
2nd Place
Selangor R&D and Innovation Expo
IDC DX Awards (Information Visionary) through Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW)
International Data Corporation (IDC)