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MIMOS Fire Drill

At around 3.00 pm on 24 February 2023, the fire alarm sounded and signified the start of the annual MIMOS fire drill. All MIMOSians dropped what they were doing and made their way to the assembly point in front of the café.

MIMOS Emergency Response Team (ERT), comprising 178 members, broke into teams led by Incident Commander En. Husna, Emergency Leader En. Nasir, and ERT/SEART leader En. Zaharin.

The SEART team are specially trained individuals ready to respond to chemical or gas leaks. The ERT team conducted the initial response, evacuation and first aid, working with the Bukit Jalil station firefighters.

The firefighters commended the MIMOS ERT team for their well-organised and fast response and all MIMOSians for remaining calm and cooperative during the drill, breaking our responding time record.