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2023-issue-4MIMOS Snippets

MIMOS and Pusat Darah Negara Triumph with a Successful Blood Donation Drive

Blood donation campaign

1 November 2023 marked MIMOS’ annual blood donation campaign where Pusat Darah Negara (PDN) had been invited to orchestrate a one-day blood donation programme in support of the blood reserve at PDN and to instil unity and integrity amongst MIMOSians. The event occurred in MIMOS’ Seminars 1 and 2 rooms from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm where 88 MIMOSians greatly supported the cause.

Many staff members could be seen queuing outside the seminar rooms with their blood donor cards, or identification cards for first-time donors, where they were required to fill out a form and undergo a brief eligibility test. Those who were eligible to donate blood spent approximately 8-10 minutes lying down to draw a pint of their blood before being given refreshments and released.



Insights from MIMOS Staff Donors Fuel Successful Blood Donation Drive

A few staff members who were interviewed after their blood donation gave perceptive insights into the campaign’s initiative.

Puan Zanawiyah Ilyas, Senior Staff Engineer in Operations, mentioned the event signified her eighth time as a blood donor. She further urged, “If you’re of capable health to donate, please do so because you can help a lot of people in need of blood donations”. Her colleague, Puan Nardiatul Kasmi Mohamed Kassim, Senior Executive at the Center for Advanced Electronics & Embedded Systems, is also an avid blood donor, “Every year, without fail, I’ll donate my blood to help those in need. It’s amal jari’ah and it’s good for your health.”

Encik Ahmad Akashah Mohd Ali, Wafer Fab Engineer, also shared his wisdom on the significance of blood donation. He expressed, “Blood donation is similar to cupping (bekam); both help maintain good health. But the difference is that blood donation can help others in need too.”

The event came to a successful ending, enhancing the collective action of MIMOSians in support of those in need.