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News2023-issue-2MIMOS Snippets

Celebrating Eid and Teachers Together

Tadika MIMOS held a Hari Raya celebration in conjunction with its Teacher’s Day event on 18 May 2023. The event started with a takbir Raya by the students and teachers, followed by students’ performances of Raya and teacher appreciation songs.

Awareness of the meaning of Eid and Teacher’s Day was also promoted during the event, giving opportunities for students to ask questions for a better understanding of the celebrations.


Hari Raya & Teacher’s Day Celebration at Tadika MIMOS

Various activities were held, such as a fashion show for the best dress and a supervised play called pop-pop mercun, created a cheerful and fun atmosphere for the students.

The cherry on top was when the students were all smiles receiving Duit Raya from their teachers, making the celebration complete.