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2024-issue-1Technology Insights

MIMOS’ Strategic Collaborations in Semiconductor Innovation

On 17 January 2024, MIMOS had the privilege of hosting a visit from Strategy Force Development Sdn Bhd (SFD), marking a significant step forward in exploring the vast potential of the semiconductor industry. The discussions centred around potential collaborations in the critical areas of wafer fabrication and failure analysis/material analysis.

This visit underscored a shared vision between MIMOS and SFD to deepen expertise and drive innovation in semiconductor technology. By leveraging MIMOS’ extensive research capabilities and SFD’s strategic insights, the meeting paved the way for potential partnerships that promise to enhance technological advancements and cultivate homegrown talents in the field.

A week later, on 23 January 2024, MIMOS welcomed representatives from Micron, a global leader in the semiconductor sector, to discuss opportunities for research collaboration and training in wafer fabrication and failure analysis/material analysis.

This visit was a testament to MIMOS’s commitment to fostering partnerships that contribute to the growth and development of the semiconductor industry. The talks with Micron explored avenues for collaboration that could lead to groundbreaking advancements and the development of a skilled workforce equipped with cutting-edge knowledge in semiconductor technology.

These visits from SFD and Micron not only highlight MIMOS’s pivotal role in the industry but also its dedication to propelling Malaysia to the forefront of semiconductor research and development.