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2023-issue-3Corporate Highlights

Fostering Sustainable Collaborative Partnerships

The CEO graciously hosted a meeting with Accenture Sdn Bhd and a visit to the Inspectra R&D lab on 3 July 2023. Dato’ Lawrence Low, Senior Advisor for Accenture Malaysia, spearheaded this delegation. The purpose was to foster collaboration and exchange insights.

On 4 July 2023, the CEO also extended a warm welcome to representatives from Tenaga Nasional Berhad for a courtesy visit. This interaction presented an opportunity to engage in productive discussions.

Adding to this roster of engagements, on 21 July 2023, the CEO’s office orchestrated a significant meeting with Tubitak Bilgem from Turkey. The focus of this meeting was to delve into the realms of Cryptology and explore potential collaborative prospects in this specialised area. Such interactions signify MIMOS’ commitment to forging global partnerships and driving innovation at an international level.

Meetings with potential research collaborators

Functioning as a strategic agency within the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), and established as a foremost innovation hub specialising in Semiconductors, Microelectronics, and ICT technologies, MIMOS consistently embraces and explores prospects for collaboration with local and international stakeholders, while actively bolstering Malaysia’s socio-economic advancement and industrial edge.

Through strategic partnerships, MIMOS, alongside its domestic and global counterparts, can mutually harness their technological proficiencies, state-of-the-art infrastructures, and resource pools, thereby elevating their influence within their respective industry domains.