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2023-issue-3Technology Insights

Pioneering Data Management in Industry 4.0

MIMOS Kulim High-Tech Park organised the MIMOS Industrial Talk Series on 10 August 2023, spotlighting the exploration of opportunities and future trends in Data Management within the realm of Industry 4.0.

The discussion commenced with Shamsul Anuar Abdul Wahid, Director of Corporate Technology at MIMOS, who leads the software development team at MIMOS Kulim Hi-Tech Park. He inaugurated the session with his presentation titled ‘Overview of Data Management Framework for Industry 4.0.’

MIMOS Industrial Talk Series: Data Management for Industry 4.0

Following this, the conversation delved deeper with Shaune Lee, the Associate Director of Sales at Vertiv Malaysia (formerly known as Emerson Network Power), who shared insights on ‘Market & Technology Trends in Modern Day Data Centres.

Culminating the event, Anwer Yusoff presented on the ‘Cybersecurity Empowerment for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Encouragement Programme.’

The MIMOS Industrial Talk Series aims to cultivate awareness that sparks innovation and propels the nation’s technology industry forward. MIMOS is steadfast in its commitment to fostering opportunities and providing platforms for industry stakeholders to gather, enrich their knowledge, and refine their skills within their specific areas.