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Exploring IoT and AI offerings

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have rapidly gained traction in various sectors as each technology has its respective benefits that can enhance performance and decision-making.

MIMOS has been supporting IoT industry ecosystem that enables the proliferation of IoT application as a new source of economic growth. MIMOS has also developed numerous IoT-based solutions for business, agriculture, environment and smart city sectors.

Another key technology area that MIMOS focused on is AI where the agency has established several AI-based systems including social media sentiment analysis, social network intelligence, manufacturing environment monitoring and vehicle licence plate recognition, just to name a few.

To give better understanding of IoT and AI, MIMOS took part in ‘Tech Talk: AI and IoT In Industries’ on 6 March which covered topics on data-driven ecosystem from sensory to analytics; IoT communications protocols, and how to differentiate IoT ecosystem and traditional data collection systems.

MIMOS award-winning research scientist Ir Dr Nordin Ramli deliberated on the architecture, operation and benefits of a data-driven solution while exploring the relationship between IoT, cloud computing, and big data.

Participants also explored business opportunities offered by IoT and AI applications.