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2023-issue-3Technology Insights

Pioneering the Future of Semiconductors

MIMOS organised the High-Value Semiconductor Technology (HVST) Seminar, on 23 August 2023, focusing on the dynamic ANSYS CAE Solution. The seminar attracted a diverse audience, primarily comprising industry players. They have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, who experienced first-hand the prowess of Ansys CAE Solution and its potential to shape the trajectory of future semiconductors.

MIMOS High-Value Semiconductor Technology (HVST) Seminar

Participants enjoyed an exceptional opportunity to acquire a comprehensive grasp of the latest strides in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation tools and workflows. In an era of groundbreaking products and processes, knowledge of these cutting-edge technologies has become increasingly important.

Industry experts and thought leaders, who have harnessed the power of Ansys CAE Solutions to catalyse innovation and efficiency in their projects, were on hand for participants to engage with. Real-world case studies unveiled the tangible impact of CAE simulations on product development, performance optimisation, and cost reduction.

The seminar not only deepened participants’ knowledge of simulation methodologies that will allow them to tackle complex engineering challenges with confidence but also fostered networking opportunities. This enriching seminar proved to be an enlightening experience for all participants, offering them the chance to stay updated on industry trends and broaden their skills.