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2024-issue-1Technology Insights

A Leap Towards Malaysia’s Digital Future with MyDigital ID

In a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at propelling Malaysia’s digitalisation journey forward, MIMOS and MyDigital ID convened with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on 7 February 2024 to lay the groundwork for an essential Technical Workshop on MyDigital ID. This initiative is poised to be a cornerstone event, underscoring the critical role of MyDigital ID in the nation’s technological evolution.

Following the planning session, BNM extended invitations to an exclusive group of 125 participants from 45 financial institutions who attended the workshop on 24 February 2024, all of whom were set to gain invaluable insights into the implementation and technical intricacies of MyDigital ID.

The workshop was a pivotal moment, not only in bolstering the financial sector’s capabilities but also in driving forward the national agenda for digital advancement.

Participants were eager to delve into the multifaceted benefits of MyDigital ID for both the industry and the nation at large. The collaborative effort behind the event signals a significant leap towards enhancing Malaysia’s digital landscape, with the support and feedback garnered from the workshop expected to accelerate the readiness for the broader roll-out of MyDigital ID. As we stand on the cusp of this technological leap, the enthusiasm and commitment from all stakeholders involved are set to catalyse a new era of digital innovation in Malaysia, reinforcing the country’s position as a leader in digitalisation initiatives.