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2024-issue-1Corporate Highlights

MIMOS and Hayat Technologies Charting the Future of Healthcare and ID

On the leap day of 29th February 2024, MIMOS was privileged to host a pivotal meeting with Dr. Helmi Zakariah, CEO of Hayat Technologies Sdn Bhd, along with his core management team.

The meeting’s agenda was focused on exploring the integration of MyDigital ID and advancing digital healthcare solutions. This visit represents a significant step towards strengthening the collaboration between MIMOS and Hayat Technologies in harnessing digital technologies to enhance Malaysia’s healthcare ecosystem and identity verification processes.

The discussions were aimed at identifying synergies between MIMOS’s technological capabilities and Hayat Technologies’ innovative solutions, particularly in the realms of digital identification and healthcare.

This meeting underscored both organisations’ commitment to leveraging digital technology for societal benefit, potentially setting the stage for breakthroughs in secure digital identity management and accessible, efficient healthcare services.

By combining MIMOS’ expertise in advanced digital technologies with Hayat Technologies’ vision for healthcare, this collaboration could pave the way for transformative impacts on Malaysia’s digital landscape and well-being.