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2023-issue-3MIMOS Snippets

Health Check for a Healthy Life

From 26 to 28 July 2023, CHR worked with one of MIMOS panel clinics, Mega Zahran, bringing the SOCSO Health Screening Programme (HSP) to MIMOS for a three-day health screening for MIMOSians. The SOCSO Health Screening Programme (HSP) is available until 31 December 2023, allowing those who could not make it for the three-day sessions.

It is an incentive provided by SOCSO to promote healthy lifestyles and identify high-risk groups of employees with non-communicable diseases. Through this programme, free health screening for 9 parameters (medical check-up) such as full blood count, HBA1c, Fasting lipid profile, Liver function test, Tumour Marker, Urine FEME, Pap Smear (women), cancer screening (liver and colon) and renal function test is offered to eligible employees, promoting health screening awareness for early detection of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

The response from MIMOSians was positive and many queued to do their health screening throughout the three-day sessions at MIMOS.