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Hemoglobin test without needles

Hemoglobin is a protein in our red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout our bodies and transports carbon dioxide from our tissues and organs back to the lungs. Measuring hemoglobin level is critical for evaluating physiological status, diagnosing chronic diseases such as anaemia, and helping with decision-making such as operational intervention and blood transfusion.

Hemoglobin is usually measured through invasive method, where blood samples are collected from patients and then evaluated by hematology analysers. The problems with the traditional invasive method include delay in diagnosis, inefficient operations and unpleasant patient experience.

National applied research and development (R&D) centre MIMOS has developed a new medical screening device known as Re-agentless Blood Testing and Vital Sign Analyzer (REVA™), a portable, non-invasive hemoglobin meter combined with vital signs analyser.

Developed by MIMOS’ Photonics Technology Lab, REVA incorporates Visible Near-Infrared (VIS-NIR) spectroscopy and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables users to measure hemoglobin level without the need to draw a blood sample.

REVA gathers and analyses blood component and vital signs of a patient via a built-in chemometrics analysis and Photolethysmography (PPG) platform.

Head of MIMOS Photonics Lab Zalhan Md Yusof said the device provides a rapid scanning, re-agentless, non-invasive and real-time single point of detection.

“It checks the user’s overall health, provides a pre-emptive measure for a severe medical condition screening and monitors a medical condition.

“REVA offers remote monitoring analytics using Spectral Processing Engine which consists of chemometrics and deep learning for spectral. Another unique feature is the connectivity of mobile apps communication with REVA to display data spectral collected,” she said.

The baseline algorithm testing accuracy is 80%, while its baseline algorithm for validating accuracy is ~60%.

In terms of technology innovation, REVA combines Spectral Analysis and PPG analysis for a robust hemoglobin algorithm. The AI technology spectral processing engine has enabled speedy model development and accurate reading.

The compact palm-sized and lightweight device, enhanced with mobile spectral and PPG modules, allows friendly usage and portability to its end-users.

Besides REVA, MIMOS Photonics Lab has been successful in the development of several non-invasive and non-intrusive medical technology platforms using ultraviolet (UV), VIS-NIR spectroscopy methods including Glucosenz, a blood glucose monitoring device; an Alzheimer’s scanning headband; and dental caries screening.