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2023-issue-4Technology Insights

Tech Frontiers Unleashed

On 25 October 2023, an Industry Connectivity and Networking (ICON) Talk on Hi-Tech was conducted at Residensi UTM Kuala Lumpur as part of NEXUS Expo (NEXPO) 2023.

ICON Talk Forum on Hi-Tech

Mr. Thiagesh Lingam, MIMOS’ Senior Director of the Semiconductor Technology Centre, was invited as one of the panellist speakers for the forum titled, ‘High Tech Global: Empowering Cross-Sector Collaboration and Partnership’ amongst other distinguished speakers from similar backgrounds.

The 2-hour talk serves as a dynamic platform to explore collaborations across various industries and to engage in meaningful discussions about the development and advancement of high technology. Attendees involved professionals from high-tech industries, agencies, and universities in gathering, discussing, and sharing insights on various aspects.