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2023-issue-4Technology Insights

Unleashing Potentials in Industrial Design and Design Processes

Industrial Design Workshop for IDE UiTM Shah Alam and Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Italy Design Institute (UniKL MIDI)

On 8 and 16 November 2023, students from IDE UiTM Shah Alam and University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Italy Design Institute (UNiKL MIDI) visited MIMOS for a one-day workshop discussing the general concept of industrial design in the industry and the design process from concept to reality.

MIMOS, as the National Applied R&D Centre, utilised this opportunity to not only showcase its state-of-the-art technologies but also to impart invaluable knowledge and insights to aspiring young minds. The workshop served as a platform for these students to gain a deeper understanding of how industrial design intertwines with technological innovation, providing them with a practical and hands-on glimpse into the design process.

MIMOS Empowers Future Tech Leaders Through Mentorship and Real-World Insights


By engaging with these students, MIMOS took on a pivotal role in nurturing future talents in the technology sector. Through mentorship, guidance, and sharing real-world experiences, MIMOS contributed significantly to the development of these students’ skills and understanding of industrial design in the context of the evolving technological landscape. This interaction not only enriched the students’ educational experience but also reinforced MIMOS’ commitment to fostering the growth of the next generation of technology leaders and innovators.